About your guide

Adam Bauer

Adam Bauer, BA, CMT, has been a student and practitioner of the I Ching, the Book of Changes, for 40 years. With a background in organizational development, communications, music and healing arts, Adam’s coaching and consulting work provides a unique and valuable perspective in times of challenge or crisis as well as times of strategic planning and reflection. Adam has for decades shared his love for this profound practice with clients and in workshops, and continues now through his new series of online courses and ongoing I Ching study groups.

So, what is the I Ching about, anyway?

The I Ching posits change as life’s only constant, and using it helps us better understand and master the eternal laws at work in all change. While things are in their beginning stages, they can be influenced by our choices and behavior.  By learning to recognize situations in their germinal phases, and by aligning our will with what the times demand of us, we can act to shape our fate. The Book of Changes provides a practical roadmap to living in harmony with Reality and making the best of uncertain situations. The I Ching represents a rigorous method through which we can study the dynamics inherent in our present circumstances, especially when our lives are in flux and turmoil. Through careful scrutiny of our own character, attitudes and motives, as well as external events, we work to bring into fruition the results we desire to experience.
Confucius and Laozi fresco from a Western Han tomb of Dongping County, Shandong province China

Benefits of the Practice

Working with the I Ching provides practical insight when:

  • facing difficult circumstances, or an uncertain future

  • developing strategy

  • making critical decisions

  • breaking through stuck places during a project or creative process

  • gaining an objective, enlightening perspective on our life and challenges

Pricing options

Available in single sessions (up to 90 minutes each), as well as packages and monthly subscriptions. Scholarship info below.

Scholarships & financial aid

A note on money and cost

I never want money to be a barrier to a sincere practitioner’s ability to access my work. I always try to price my offerings fairly, and, I understand that some have more resources and some less--so I aim to be flexible in working with people to find the right amount for their circumstances.


If paying all at once is a challenge, I can often offer payment plans to spread these costs over time.

To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the following brief form at https://iamadambauer.com/course-financial-assistance/ so we can locate the common ground to meet.


If you are of comfortable financial means and you feel inspired to support my work more robustly, I welcome your support! (To contribute to a scholarship fund to support future students and practitioners in their own learning process, add "Scholarship Fund" in note). 
Venmo: @Adam-Bauer-18 
PayPal & Zelle: adam@iamadambauer.com 

Additional bonus content

By signing up to work one-on-one with me, you are eligible to join my Community Study Group with monthly live sessions and group Forum, open exclusively to my workshop and online course graduates & private clients who wish to dive deeper within a supportive community.

  • Monthly live community Zoom calls

    Each month I'll offer a 2-hour live video call where—depending on the moment and what the I Ching refers to as the “demands of the time”—we will have space to explore suggested readings, ask questions about the practice, review recent readings and explore different interpretations, etc. Sometimes we may dive into someone's specific circumstances, or review the calendar sequence’s reflections on our current moment, or throw readings together and see what emerges—really, we’ll respond as authentically as we can in the moment, and follow the I Ching’s own lead as we continue to presence and witness the real-time reality of our experience with this remarkable and timeless teacher.

  • Forum & Support

    Having a circle of fellow practitioners can offer immeasurable insight and value as we map our I Ching readings to the territory which we traverse. Sometimes just having other sets of eyes, viewing our circumstances unburdened by our own personal blinders or self-defense mechanisms, allows us to view our situations in a new light. That new light, in turn, reveals new possibilities for decisions, behaviors and actions—and these emergent innovations in self-expression can change our lives in profound fashion. It is my hope that this ongoing Community Study Group embodies a virtual community that allows this work to live and move within each of us as we walk this path of living in the world in ever-deepening self-awareness and capacity to offer our depth to the people and the world around us.

Required Materials

Our meetings will take place live via a private Zoom link. Before our sessions begin(s), you will want to gather the following items:

  • A journal and pen for writing, tracking and reflecting on your questions and readings

  • 3 special coins (I use old pennies, but you can use any coins that feel meaningful to you)

  • We’ll primarily be working with the classic Wilhelm/Baynes English translation, so order yours today to start getting ready. https://www.powells.com/book/i-ching-or-book-of-changes-bollingen-series-xix-9780691097503