Furthering Our Inquiry with the Book of Changes

A private study group for clients or those who have completed an introductory course or workshop with me. This is your invitation to continue upgrading your personal operating system through diving deeper into the practice with live monthly meetings among a supportive community.

"Lakes resting one on the other: the image of The Joyous. Thus the superior man joins with his friends for discussion and practice..."

"A lake evaporates upward and thus gradually dries up; but when two lakes are joined they do not dry up so readily, for one replenishes the other. It is the same in the field of knowledge. Knowledge should be a refreshing and vitalizing force. It becomes so only through stimulating intercourse with congenial friends with whom one holds discussion and practices application of the truths of life. In this way learning becomes many-sided and takes on a cheerful lightness..." (Hexagram 58, The Joyous, Lake)

The Benefits of Learning in Community

Having a circle of fellow practitioners can offer immeasurable insight and value as we map our readings to the territory which we traverse. It is embedded in the nature of perspective that we all have blind spots--sometimes others can easily see things that elude our own awareness. At times, simply having the benefit of an extra pair of eyes, viewing our circumstances unburdened by our own personal blinders or self-defense mechanisms, allows us to view our situations in a new light. That new light, in turn, reveals new possibilities for how we may navigate our lives through our decisions, behaviors and actions—and these emergent innovations in self-expression can change our lives in profound fashion. In this way, together we support each other as each of us grows to more fully embody the personal power and freedom that arise naturally when we are living in harmony with the Tao.
Confucius and Laozi fresco from a Western Han tomb of Dongping County, Shandong province China

More Benefits of this Study Group

Through these monthly group sessions and Forum space, you will deepen and refine:

  • your working understanding of the essential principles and foundations underlying the I Ching practice 

  • your familiarity with the fundamental wisdom teachings of the Book of Changes

  • your ability to accurately and confidently generate your own readings

  • your own personal relationship with this ancient oracle and wisdom tradition

  • your ability to use the I Ching as a practical tool in navigating real life challenges and circumstances

What You Will Receive with Membership

  • Monthly live interactive Zoom sessions (up to 2 hours), designed as an open, explorational space to help you continue cracking the code of the Book of Changes. We’ll continue discovering and exploring foundational concepts and grounding them into our daily experience as we dig into the practice together.  

  • Access to a private group Forum that offers a nurturing and inspiring community space where we can compare notes, share our readings and reflections, and bolster our learning by leveraging everyone’s experiences in service to our collective and individual unfolding paths.

  • Monthly suggested readings, web links and/or videos that help illuminate various facets of the I Ching experience.

  • Encouragement to continue a regular daily practice, which is how we ground and bolster experiential learning while developing our own relationships with the I Ching. This relational practice nurtures our own inner guidance as we come to listen to and inhabit more of our own instinctive wisdom and naturally intuitive nature.

  • Live sessions will be held on one Sunday per month from 4-6 pm USA Eastern Time. Each session will be recorded and viewable later by Study Group members.


Rates and options as follows. I never want money to be a barrier to a sincere practitioner’s ability to access my work. I understand things are challenging for many people these days, so I offer a variety of subscription options, payment plans and scholarship opportunities. Pay it forward opportunities too. More info below.

  • $36.00 / month

    Monthly Member

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  • $180.00 / 6 months

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  • $300.00 / 12 months

    Annual Member (30% savings)

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Financial Aid & Paying it Forward

A note on money and cost

I never want money to be a barrier to a sincere practitioner’s ability to access my work. I always try to price my offerings fairly. And, I understand that some people and companies have more resources and some less, so I aim to be flexible in working with people to find the right amount for their circumstances, and where needed I offer liberal scholarship and financial aid options whenever possible. See below for link to Scholarship application.


If you are of comfortable financial means and you feel inspired to support my work more robustly, I welcome with gratitude your support above and beyond my official rates. To contribute directly to a Scholarship Fund to support current or future students in need, please add "Scholarship Fund" in note. 
Venmo: @Adam-Bauer-18 
PayPal & Zelle: adam@iamadambauer.com 


If paying all at once is a challenge, I can often provide an easy option of payment plans to spread these costs over time.


To apply for a scholarship fill out the following brief form at https://iamadambauer.com/course-financial-assistance/ so we can locate the common ground to meet.

Calendar Dates

Looking ahead to our live sessions, all held 4-6 pm USA Eastern Time

December 20, 2020
July 18, 2021
January 24, 2021
August 22, 2021
February 21, 2021
September 19, 2021
March 21, 2021
October 17, 2021
April 18, 2021
November 21, 2021
May 16, 2021
December 19, 2021
June 20, 2021
2022 TBD

Required Class Materials

Our meetings will take place live via a private Zoom link, so you will need a device and an internet connection to join the session. In addition, you'll want to make sure you have a few things handy for when you do your own sessions, and for our monthly Zoom calls:

  • A journal and pen for writing, tracking and reflecting on your questions and readings

  • 3 special coins (I use old pennies, but you can use any coins that feel meaningful to you)

  • We’ll primarily be working with the classic Wilhelm/Baynes English translation; if you need to order one you can find them here:  https://www.powells.com/book/i-ching-or-book-of-changes-bollingen-series-xix-9780691097503